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Winner of the prestigious Palme d’Or prize for Best International Feature Film at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, “Parasite” is appointed as ‘a masterpiece’ by the critics. This is an exceptional urban fairytale which at places doesn’t seem very distant from the reality. Ki-taek Kim is unemployed driver who finds a golden opportunity in the face of the rich and glamorous Park family. Little by little, the entire Kim clan, including the wife Choong-sook, as well as son Ki-woo and daughter Ki-jeong manage to infiltrate themselves in the Park paradise by offering a variety of services - Ki-woo becomes an English tutor and his sister - an art therapist. Naturally, Ki-taek soon replaces the Park’s driver and then his wife becomes the new house-keeper. As you can imagine such a plot can produce nothing but hilarious situations, offering us brilliant social satire.




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The nominated for this year’s Bodil awards

" The 29th of February this year’s Bodil show takes place in Folketeatret in Copenhagen. The awards are given by Danish Film Critics and celebrate both Danish and International films. Among this year’s favorites are ‘Dronningen’, ‘Cutterhead’ and ‘Før Frosten’, which have all been nominated in four categories and are all competing for the award for best Danish film. Among the nominated for best non-American movie is ‘Parasite’, which can be seen in Danish cinemas at the moment, while the nominated for best American movie contains many of the winner from this year’s Golden Globes. "


South Korean Golden Palm winner in Danish cinemas

" It’s not always that we as Danes are fortunate enough to get non-English speaking Golden Palm winners in the Danish cinemas, but ‘Parasite’ is something special. Besides being the first South Korean film ever to win the Golden Palm at Cannes Film Festival, the movie has also had relatively great success on the American marked, which is traditionally hesitant towards non-English speaking film. ‘Parasite’ is about a poor family from South Koreas slum, which slowly but surely gain favor from an overclass family. The movie has been described as original, funny, dark, crazy and at times deeply disturbed, and maybe it’s this combination, which makes it something special. Check it out and judge for yourself, ‘Parasite’ is in Danish cinemas from the 25. of December. "