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It is the sad spring of 1917 in northern France. Schofield and Blake are two young British soldiers who have to go through the hell of the battle fields to accomplish their mission. It is a question of life and the death of hundreds, including Blake’s brother, to deliver a message that warns their comrades about an ambush. The deadly attack is plotted by the germans who managed to retreat to the Hindenburg Line during Operation Alberich. The two young soldiers must do their best, risking their life all the time while crossing enemy territories but survive. Whatever happens, Schofield and Blake must deliver the important message and save their brothers in arms from walking into a deadly trap.




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Winners of this year’s Golden Globes

" Last night the Golden Globes took place where film and tv were celebrated and awarded. The winner of best drama went to the World War One movie ‘1917’, which also won the award for best director. Quentin Tarantino’s ’Once Upon a Time In Hollywood’ took home most wins with three awards for best comedy or musical, best screenplay and best supporting actor for Brad Pitt. The award for best female lead in a drama went to Renée Zellweger in ’Judy’ while the award for best male lead in a drama went to Joaquin Phoenix for ’Joker’. "


Third trailer for 1917

" The World War One movie 1917 is just around the corner, but before the Danish cinema premiere on January second, a third and final trailer have been released. The trailer was released just a few days after a behind-the-scenes video, that shows how director Sam Mendes have created the movie so it looks like it’s been filmed in one continuous shot. This type of camerawork makes it seems like the camera – and the audiences’ point of view – is a third character. Earlier this year at New York Comic Con Mendes sad that: “If you’re looking at this movie and thinking, ‘it’s one shot,’ I think we will have failed. If you don’t care about [the characters], if you don’t go on that journey with them, then what’s the point? We were on the same page about that from the very beginning.” "