J'accuse (2019)

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Robert Harris




Roman Polanski

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An Officer and a Spy

January 1895 was the most terrible time for Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a young officer in the beginning of his very promising career. He has been wrongly accused of spying in favour of Germany and sent into exile to the Devil’s Island, a penal colony in French Guiana. Later, the facts proved that another officer was the real spy but Captain Dreyfus’s life and reputation were already badly affected by the scandal. Colonel Georges Picquart was in charge of the military counter-intelligence of that case. When he was informed that someone continue to hand over sensitive information to the Germans, Colonel Picquart decided to prove Dreyfus’ innocence, which put him in great danger and almost costed him his life. Director and Co-screen writer Roman Polanski has selected an excellent cast to tell this extraordinary story, based on tragic true events.




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Polanski movie wins in Venice

" Roman Polanski is a debated character. On the one hand he is behind classics like ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ and ‘Chinatown’, on the other hand he has be accused of sexual assaults. Now he ready with a new movie which has already received praise. ‘An Officer and A Spy’ or ‘J’accuse’ as it’s originally called won the Grand Jury Prize at last year’s film festival in Venice, where it also premiered. The movie is about the young officer Alfred Dreyfus, who was sentenced for treason in 1894. ‘An Officer and A Spy’ is based on Robert Harris’ novel of the same name from 2013. The movie will premiere in Danish cinemas on the 23rd of April. "