Brahms: The Boy II (2019)

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Brahms: The Boy II

Being a sequel to the 2016 film titled just “The Boy”, this American horror centres around a young family that moves to an estate with a creepy history that no-one told them about. Without expecting any terrible events, Liz (Katie Holmes), Joseph (Ralph Ineson), Sean (Owain Yeoman) and Jude (Cristopher Convery) plan a happy living in the romantic-looking Heelshire Mansion. The youngest son, Jude, soon makes new friend. However, this friend is not another boy or girl but a life-like porcelain doll named Brahms by Jude. The events that follow the interference of Brahms in the family life will soon lead to a horror in which, seemingly, there is no escape.




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Sequel with an even creepier doll

" The horror movie ‘The Boy’ from 2016 might not have been noticed by everybody, even though it earned more than 64 million dollars worldwide. Now director William Brent Bell is back with a sequel with an even creepier doll. Christopher Convery who plays the son Jude has told ScreenRant about the doll: “He has this really human-like skin and these realistic-looking eyes, so Brahms really gets an upgrade There's so much detail on him that helps make him look like an actual human. It's so creepy”. Among the cast we also find Katie Holmes, Ralph Ineson and Owain Yeoman ‘The Boy 2’ premieres in Danish cinemas on the 16th of April. "