Military Wives (2019)

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Peter Cattaneo

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Military Wives

“Great music doesn’t happen when things are perfect, it happens when you care!”, exclaims Lisa (Sharon Horgan) and it sums up not only this incredible story but also so many moments of our life! Based on true events, “Military Wives” follows the efforts of women of different age, race, education, and vision of life, who are stuck together in a military base. While their brave men are serving in Afghanistan, Lisa and Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas) try to involve the rest of the army wives in some amusing activity. Hoping to raise the girls' spirits, Lisa and Kate form the one of a kind “Military Wives’ Choir”. Their first attempts to sing together are far from perfection but when you share a destiny and strong emotions with your sisters in arms, magic happens!




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A true story about an unexpected success

" It can be hard to be the one left behind, when a partner is stationed abroad in a warzone. ‘Military Wives’ is based on a true story and is about a choir consisting of military wives and girlfriends, who together through song process feelings and worries. The choir of the real world ended up being number one in England in 2011 with 500.000 singles sold in one week and has released several albums since then. Today there is more than 70 military choirs around Great Britain and on British bases abroad. The movie is directed by Peter Cattaneo, who has previously made ‘The Full Monty’, and will premiere in Danish cinemas on the 8th of April. "