Mr. Jones (2019)

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Mr. Jones

Loosely based on the true story of an ambitious journalist from Wales, the plot follows Gareth Jones and his incredible efforts to uncover the truth about Holodomor. While it sounds like a mythical country from a fairytale, Holodomor happens in the year 1933 when Stalin rules. The young man travels to the Soviet Union and witnesses how artificially created famine in Ukraine is the horrible reason why millions of people of all ages find their agonising death. With the help of informers who care to show to the world what actually happens in their country, Gareth Jones overcomes the propaganda machine and spies of the ruling regime. Together with his Moscow friends he manages to expose the terrible life of Soviet people in the western media.




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The story of Stalin’s betrayal

" Today most people know, that The Soviet Union wasn’t as much the land of milk and honey as they made it seem before and during the cold war. However, this wasn’t the case in concurrent Europe. ‘Mr. Jones’ tells the story of journalist Gareth Jones from Wales, who in 1933 travels to The Soviet Union to investigate their big economic boom. The manuscript is written by debutant Andrea Chalupa and is inspired by her grandfather, who was from eastern Ukraine. The film premiered at Berlin International Film festival and competed in the race for the Golden Bear. "