Das melancholische Mädchen (2019)

United Kingdom




Not Rated

Aren't You Happy?

A melancholy girl is looking for her place in a strange, even absurd post-modern world, full of illusions. Going through the city with the hope to find a place to sleep, she experiences 15 encounters, mostly comic in nature. From baby yoga classes where young mothers consider their giving of birth a religious experience, to art galleries and rooms of complete strangers, the girl can’t fit in anywhere, but she also doesn’t try to. She starts writing a book but then abandons it on the second chapter, and seemingly fails in her attempt to find a purpose in life. Then the melancholy girl announces that her depression is a political issue. Which is hard to believe given the fact the film is created in predominant baby blue and cute pink colours.




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Molancolic, dry, sharp and ironic movie

" The movie ‘Aren’t You Happy?’ is a comedy drama, but not the kind for the whole family. The movie follows an unnamed main character in her search for a place to sleep and a greater understanding of our society. We see our main character on a unicorn, in a yoga studio and with a lot of colorful people, while she reflects on some of the big questions of or time. ‘Aren’t You Happy’ is styled in pastel colors with lots of ironic, meta-like and thoughtful references to pop culture, which might speak to some and irritate others, but that is probably part of the movies goal. ‘Aren’t You Happy?’ premieres in Danish cinemas on the 23rd of April. "