Greyhound (2019)

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Aaron Schneider

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Based on C.S. Forester’s novel from 1955 “The Good Shepherd”, this film follows some events that are related to the early days of World War II. At the beginning of the United States’ involvement in the war, Commander Enest Krause (Tom Hanks) is sent to a life and death mission. In his first command of the US Navy destroyer, Greyhound, Commander Krause has to successfully lead an international convoy of 37 Allied ships through the North Atlantic. These are perilous waters, since Nazi U-boats are ready to do anything to abort the mission. Although Commander Krause has an eminent career in the Navy, he is still torn apart by self-doubt and uncertainty. There are two conflicts developing in parallel - an inside struggle, to which the Commander has to find a solution, and the outside collision with a merciless enemy.




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New Tom Hanks movie postponed

" 2020 should have been the year where Tom Hanks returned to the war film genre with ‘Greyhound’. The movie is about a captain under the Second World War, who leads an atack on the Germans in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. ‘Greyhound’ should have premiered in Danish cinemas on the 7th of May, but has now been postpones until further notice. Bioguiden always keeps you updated on new premiere dates and upcoming movies, so don’t forget to give us a like, if you would like to receive the latest new on movies. "