Celle que vous croyez (2019)

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Who You Think I Am

Juliette Binoche makes a performance so complex in emotions and so deep from psychological point of view the this makes her role one of the memorable in her exceptional film career. Here she is Clara Millaud, a divorced literature professor in her 50s who is living in Paris, France. While she has a real facebook profile, Clara also creates another account, a false one, to spy on a young man named Alex she is attracted to. With an avatar of a sexy 24-year old girl, Clara easily falls in her own net of lies, mixing truth and reality but also convincing Alex to believe in these lies. There is only one thing for real in this story - in the virtual world, nobody can be sure in anything.




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Juliette Binoche catfish young men

" Juliette Binoche has featured in an array of French and international films like ‘Chocolat’ and ‘The English Patient’. Beside the fact that she alongside her amazing acting also is known as a classic French beauty, in her new movie ’Celle que vous croyez’ she plays a woman in her 50’s who poses as a younger woman to seduce a younger man. Binoche has been praised in many reviews for her role and among others Screen Daily writes: “Juliette Binoche excels as 50-year-old woman who forms an obsessive virtual attachment, both to the younger man she initially friends on Facebook as a way of spying on her former lover, and to the desirable, 24-year-old avatar she creates for herself.” The films premieres in Danish cinemas on the 23rd of April. "