Bad Boys for Life (2020)

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Bad Boys 3: Bad Boys For Life

The bad boys are back! Seventeen long years after the second film, they come together for one last ride. Will Smith is Detective Lieutenant Michael "Mike" Lowrey and Martin Lawrence is his partner - Detective Lieutenant Marcus Burnett. In the third instalment of the popular franchise, Burnett has finally made his dream come true and is now a police inspector. As far as Lowrey is concerned, he is… well in some sort of midlife crisis. Just when the tandem is fed up dealing with criminals and their crimes and is ready to retire, a hot new opportunity appears. It is related to Armando Armas, an Albanian mafia boss, whose brother Burnett and Lowrey have killed. An interesting twist is that Armas is not targeting our bad boys alone. He is working under the guidance of his mother.




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Explosions all the way

" Finally, ‘Bad Boys 3’ has premiered in Danish cinemas! And no, it might not be the world’s most sophisticated movie, but I’m sure you didn’t expect that either. On the other hand, you get your money’s worth of great action and explosions. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back in their roles as Mike and Marcus, now 25 years later. Marcus’ priorities have changed after he has become a grandfather, but an attack on his old partner changes his mind. The movie is filled with classic police action, big guns, speed-boats and fast cars, so don’t miss 2020 most expected action comedy. "