Trouble (2019)

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Kevin Johnson

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Who’s in trouble? A pampered dog with a loving owner whose name is Trouble. One day, the death of the old lady who took him as a puppy and raised him, changes Trouble’s life from luxury to poverty. He is forced to hit the road and find his own way into the hostile world he never new before. When it appears that the cute dog has actually inherited his kind owner, her greedy relatives start chasing him. A dog catcher manages to lock up our furry friend but Trouble is not the kind of canine that will allow someone to deal with his life. While the street may be a frightening place, there are also friends out there that care for out little Trouble. An accident turns into a happy occasion when a friendly human saves the dog.




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Lovable dog movie

" The animated movie ’Trouble’ is about the dog Trouble, who is a little bit spoiled and very used to luxury. One day Trouble’s owner passes away and now he suddenly has to confront a new and scary world. On his way Trouble meets greedy relatives and an eccentric dog catcher, but he also learns about friendship and tricks to get by in the real world. ‘Trouble’ premieres in Danish cinemas on the 9th of July. "


New premiere for Trouble

" If you and the rest of the family had been looking forward to another animated movie with a cute dog in the lead, then you unfortunately have to wait a little longer. ‘Trouble’, which was supposed to premiere in Danish cinemas on the 2nd of April have had its premiere postponed. The good news if that a new date has already been set. ‘Trouble’ will premiere in Danish cinemas on the 9th of July instead. "


Because we love dogs

" Animated film about dogs aren’t in short supply, but somehow it seems like we can’t get enough of them, because who doesn’t love the sweet furry four-legged creatures? ‘Trouble’ is about the dog Trouble, who, ever since he was little, has lived a life of luxury in a huge palace with a rich owner. However, when Trouble’s owner dies, he is suddenly all alone and on the run from dog catcher. During his escape Trouble meets both challenges and new friends, who help him learn that maybe life isn’t all about what you own. ‘Trouble’ premieres in Danish cinemas one the 2nd of April. "