Kaptein Sabeltann og den magiske diamant (2019)

United Kingdom




Not Rated

Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond

In this adventurous animation we see that two evil heroes - the jungle prince Maga Kahn and queen Sirikit possess the legendary magic diamond. They know the old story - if you make a wish on Full Moon, the diamond will make your wish come true. Maga Kahn has a dream - he hopes that one day, with the help of the diamond, he would be able to withstand the bright sun and get out of the dark jungle. However, a boy named Marco steals the magical stone and makes Maga Kahn furious with anger. The jungle prince sends all of his monkey soldiers to chase the bold thief and bring the diamond back to him at any cost! Will they manage to find Marco and get back the stone? Especially when Captain Sabeltooth and his devoted men suddenly appear.




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Norwegian animated movie on the way

" Even though new animated movies premiere every year for children and adults of all ages it isn’t often that they come out of Norway. But that is exactly where ’Captain Saber Tooth and the magic diamond’ is from. The movie is from last year, but will premiere in Danish cinemas on the 7th of May. The movie is about the boy Pinky and his best friend Veronica, who alongside Captain Saber Tooth go out on an adventure. Their goal is to find a magic diamond, but they aren’t the only ones looking for the mysterious diamond. "