Far til fire og vikingerne (2020)

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Father of Four and the Vikings

The normally so closely united family is having a crisis. Mie and Ole can no longer stand sharing a room, big sister Sis is tired of acting as the family's spare mother, and Father does not have the usual surplus to tackle Uncle Anders' peculiar behavior. Leaving Tiny Per, alone and sad about it all. Uncle Anders therefore enrolls the family to stay at a family therapy center, where they must live as Vikings for a week. Accompanied by the children's holiday guests, Olivia and August, the family takes off, hoping to get things back to normal. As usual they of course also bring the toy elephant Bodil, the whole family's old stuffed animal, who will suddenly play a major role, as she will be involved in one of the avid therapists' self invented vikings exercises. And while the therapy does not help with the cohesion, things start happening when all of a sudden Bodil's very life becomes at stake!




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