Antebellum (2019)

United Kingdom






This thriller drama film follows Veronica Henley (Janelle Monáe), a prosperous writer who gets involved in an extraordinary mystery. The young woman shockingly finds herself trapped in another, petrifying reality, without knowing how exactly she got there. Veronica is pressed by the circumstances to find a way out of this mind-blowing nightmare in order to survive. Time goes by so quickly and will it be possible for the young lady to break free? Here’s a hint to the story - Antebellum is a 77-year period in the history of US state of Georgia. During that time, the area of Georgia was reduced by half. The native Cherokee tribe was resettled from their home land and large cotton plantations flourished, using predominantly African slave workforce.




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Janelle Monáe back on the big screen

" The name Janelle Monáe probably ring most bells among R&B fans, but the talented musician is actually also an actor, and now she’s back on the big screen with the upcoming horror movie ‘Antebellum’. Monáe has previously featured in the Oscar winner ‘Moonlight’ and the Oscar nominated ‘Harriet’, but ‘Antebellum’ will be the first time that she is in the lead. The movie is produced by Ray Mansfield and Sean McKittrick, who have previously produced the horror successes ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’, and seems to include a double timeline and some social realism. ‘Antebellum’ premieres in Danish cinema on the 23rd of April. "